April 5

Have you got what it takes to be a Celebrant?


Within our Celebrants Collective network, we’re in contact with thousands of celebrants from around the world, not to mention our own members and trainee celebrants too.

It’s always so fascinating finding out about what leads people into celebrancy and also the skills that they’ve brought with them from their other careers and life experiences.

As a training organisation, even though we seem to attract lots of creatives - artists, writers, and actors, we also attract people who have come from a corporate background or from education and social care, too. Side note: This mix of people really creates a fabulous training environment!

Although there is so much to learn when it comes to being a wedding or funeral celebrant, quite often some of the things that we can’t teach are the traits and the natural abilities that most people already have within them.

And this is what we love seeing at the Celebrants Collective. People bringing their natural skills and abilities, and previous experiences to their celebrant studies, where we then get to show them how to use these skills, along with new ones and new knowledge to become an awesome celebrant.

Training to be a celebrant however, does require certain skill sets and abilities, which really help people to become the best celebrant that they possibly can be. So do you think you have what it takes to be a celebrant?

Sign up for and download our free whopping 13 page guide - So you want to be a celebrant? - to see if you’ve got what it takes and if you’re someone who naturally has the skills and experiences for being a great celebrant.

And once you’ve read our guide, why not take a look at our course pages to get our feel for what we offer and how we do it. You can read about our
wedding training here and our funeral training here.

And training with us doesn't mean that we only teach you how to become a celebrant. It means that you become a part of our Celebrants Collective where we continue to help you develop throughout your celebrant career and continue this amazing journey with you.

Are you ready to become a celebrant? If you've read this far, we reckon that your answer is probably going to be 'yes!'

If you'd like to ask us any questions at all about our training or our Collective, come and join our Facebook group here.

If you're ready to come and join us, we'd be excited to welcome you onboard. You can read about our wedding training here and our funeral training here, as well as sign up and get started from as early as today!

We look forward to learning more about you, and hopefully welcoming you into our super supportive celebrant community.

Photo by Pedro Bellido.


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