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Hey there!

We're Claire and Natasha from the Celebrants Collective, and yes we really do laugh this much!

Natasha Johnson Wedding Celebrant with her couple
Claire Bradford Celebrant and her wedding couple performing a handfasting

We help awesome people (like you!) to become awesome celebrants. It's really as simple as that. Whether it's for wedding celebrant training, funeral celebrant training, or both!

With almost twenty years of running our celebrant businesses between us, we've taken everything we know, everything we've learnt from our successes and our failures and we've wrapped them all up into A-star celebrant training courses for you.

We take your personality and existing skills, blend in our expertise, guidance, and knowledge, and show you how to become the awesome celebrant that you can't wait to be. 

We'll give you the tools to create and run a business that you love, and we'll support you every step of the way, from training to launch, right through to your first ceremonies and other celebrant milestones.

Sound good?


We're pretty sure that we don't need to sell you on the fact that being a celebrant is pretty amazing. You wouldn't be reading this otherwise! But just in case you've any doubts, it is!

To be able to help couples celebrate one of the most awesome days of their lives, to be surrounded by love and happiness, at the most amazing venues which you get to call your office, what's not to love? Not to mention the freedom and satisfaction that comes from running your own business. It's a win-win situation, right?

To be able to help people say goodbye to their loved ones and to reflect that person's whole life and character in just one ceremony. Holding space for all the feelings and voices of the people who are there, listening to and retelling cherished stories… it’s a huge honour and a huge responsibility.

To do this work is rewarding yet humbling; emotional yet life-affirming; hard work yet so fulfilling. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – being a celebrant is the best job in the world.

So here you are with heaps of excitement and a huge dose of the celebrant bug, but now you need the celebrant know-how and celebrant training to match, and that's where we come in! 

The Celebrants Collective celebrant training courses will give you what you need and more, to help you kick start your new career as as wedding and/or funeral celebrant, and set you up with all you need to have for the best job in the world.

Be your own boss

There is nothing quite like working for yourself. Running a business that you love and shaping your own life in its own way, nothing beats it.

Work with fab people

Getting to help and serve wonderful people and to carry out their ideas and wishes  is an absolute joy and privilege. We're so lucky!


Run a celebrant business that is heart-centered and focuses on love, the love that a couple has for one another, the love of a family for their beloved family member and the general love of humanity.


There are lots of celebrants, but there isn't a celebrant like you. Your uniqueness will bring something else to the table and allow couples and families to have the choice they deserve.

It's your time, are you ready for the next step?

Modern, innovative, inclusive celebrant training

Our online wedding and funeral celebrant courses are designed to help you be the best celebrant that can be, to complement the fabulous human being you already are.

By the time we have you ready to sign up your first couples and/or funeral clients, you'll be full of confidence and have all the tools you'll need to be an amazing celebrant.

Our online training courses and group tutorials are bursting at the seams with practical advice, knowledge and wisdom. And with personal training and support from us too, you'll be more than ready to kick-start your new celebrant business with a bang!

Our course prices start from 1200 Euros.

Check out our training course pages for full info and pricing.

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The most modern-thinking, progressive & diverse celebrant training that you're likely to find

Inclusive celebrancy that embraces the world that we live in.

Check out our training bursary for people of colour.

what you get From us

Flexible Training

Our online courses can be studied at your own pace, so that you study to be a celebrant at your own rhythm, taking as much time as you need. 

Business Wisdom

We don't just help you to become a celebrant, we help you to get your business off the ground too.

Collective Membership

You'll automatically become a Celebrants Collective member & continue your development with us.

Members Directory

Create your profile in our Celebrants Collective members directory, and highlight your services.

Celebrant Certification

Proudly showcase your Celebrants Collective Celebrant badge and certificate.

Collective Community

You'll belong to our incredible global celebrant community for extra support, friendship and fun. We have your back!

Membership Discounts

As a member, you'll get discounted prices for our events, workshops and retreats.

Learn from Leaders

Be safe in the hands of two widely-respected celebrants and celebrant educators at the top of their game.

Our course prices start from 1200 Euros.

Check out our training course pages for full info and pricing.


Really feel I have found my tribe!

My road to becoming a celebrant was not straight and I evaluated a few training providers and was quite disheartened until I found Claire and Natasha! From the first click on the website I loved them. Equally delighted to find out they are even more bubbly and enthusiastic in real life and the face-to-face (Zoom) tutorials have been the highlight of my week.

The online learning was well paced and the audio track helps to reinforce the lessons and is portable and provided "just in time" learning for new celebrants and there are some great practical lessons about running a business with tons of resource sheets and recommendations coming from the huge and talented Celebrants Collective via Facebook and the HQ - these ladies don't just train you and drop you - they are with you for the long haul and the addition of Rosalie has added another dimension. Would not have continued down this road without this group. Highly, highly recommend this "family".

Therese Coyne Celebrants Collective Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

Where awesome people become awesome celebrants

Our wedding and funeral celebrant training courses prepare you for the real world of funerals and weddings.

Only after satisfactorily completing our course, participating in our tutorials and completing and submitting all of the required assignments for training, will we then certify and accredit you as a Celebrants Collective certified celebrant. 

Our goal is to train fabulous people to become excellent celebrants and ambassadors not just for our collective but for our industry, too.


About Claire (she/her)

Claire is a multi-award winning celebrant based in East Sussex, UK, where when she's not leading ceremonies for her amazing couples and heartfelt funeral services, she trains awesome people to become awesome wedding and funeral celebrants. In 2018, Claire became the first ever celebrant to lead a wedding ceremony live on ITV's This Morning's, Wedding of the Year! Watch her in action here!

My life changed when I became a celebrant and, since then, I’ve been passionate about helping other people to follow their celebrancy dreams, too. How lucky am I that I get to teach others how to do something that I absolutely love doing? Yep, that lucky!

About Natasha (She/her)

Natasha has been a sought-after wedding celebrant for over a decade, leading ceremonies for celebrities, VIPs and every awesome human being in between. From her adopted hometown in Malaga, Spain, she oversees the Celebrants Collective, as well as running her own team of wedding associates in the Costa del Sol.

There's so much more to being a celebrant than being a celebrant. Being a successful celebrant is not only about being ace at what you do but also ace at running the business that enables you to do what you do!  I'm super passionate about helping celebrants to achieve this balance.

Are you ready to start your celebrant journey?


When you've had a good read of our website, and you know which course or courses you want to take, watch this video for a litte welcome from Claire and to get a flavour of what's to come. 


Our celebrant training isn't for everyone. We want to work with awesome human beings who share our core values and our modern, diverse and fun approach to life and to being a celebrant.  This will be your chance to tell us about you, to give us an idea of the kind of celebrant you'll be and whether you'll be the right fit to be a Celebrants Collective Certified Celebrant.


After we've gone through your application, and done some other checks, if you're successful, we'll get you fully signed up and ready to start this amazing journey with us. And the good news is that if you want to do both our wedding and funeral course, you only need to apply for one, and you'll be automatically approved for the other. So what are you waiting for? Good luck!

Our course prices start from 1200 Euros. Check out our training course pages for full info and pricing.

Would you like to chat to us directly about celebrant training?

No problem! Join our training support FB group.

You probably have one hundred and one questions. We get it! It's only natural.

Join us in our private training support Facebook group where we can give you all the A's to your Q's.

What our students and trainees say about us


Claire is an exceptional trainer. She holds space expertly. Her teaching style is fun, laid back, relatable and relaxed yet also direct, motivational, and professional. She doesn't just offer incredible teaching but also actively encourages you to explore what being a celebrant feels like from your own perspective and creates a safe environment for this testing out of ideas to happen with ease.

Jamie Walker , Wedding Celebrant, UK

I enjoyed every minute of my wedding training course. I literally couldn't wait for the next training session to begin. The layout of the course was organised and jam packed with top-tips and solutions to many of the problems you are likely to encounter as a new celebrant. The only bad part of the course was the end, but on a happy note, as a member of the Celebrants Collective, I still have to hand numerous resources such as webinars, blogs etc. If that isn't enough there are the private and public facebook groups that you can join, where you are safe to raise your concerns or worries and receive a whole load of support from celebrants all over the world. I would definitely recommend The Celebrants Collective.

Carol Alexander-Price , Wedding Celebrant, Murcia, Spain

Natasha’s input has been invaluable to me, helping to nurture and shape the way I work as a celebrant. She’s so intuitive and supportive as well as being a font of knowledge. Everything she says is bang on the nail. She’s a life-changer and a game-changer for me.

Wendi Surtees-Smith , Wedding Celebrant, UK

’Put very simply, I couldn’t have asked for anything better to prepare me for becoming a celebrant than being coached and trained by Claire. At a very basic level, Claire is hugely passionate about her work, extremely experienced and a fantastic source of knowledge. Beyond that, Claire brings the theory to life by generously sharing stories of her ceremonies and humbly illustrating where she got it wrong to make the training real. Claire devotes the time and space to enable every pupil to unlock how they can become a brilliant celebrant themselves and genuinely cares about their learning experience. It’s easy to see why so many of Claire’s pupils go on to have very successful careers as celebrants.

Nichola Reeder , Wedding Celebrant, UK

Everything you want and need to know about being a celebrant and training to be a celebrant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Celebrants Collective?

The Celebrants Collective is many things, but first and foremost it's a community where celebrants come together for education, support, advice and buddyship. From training to celebrant development, we help celebrants to be the best that they can be. With members from the UK, all over Europe, the USA and Canada, our collective embrace spans far and wide. To learn more about the Collective, visit our main site here.

What qualification do your courses give?

Celebrants who train with us and who successfully complete our courses and all the required tasks and assignments, will become certified Celebrants Collective Celebrants. Our certified celebrants then graduate to our Members HQ where their membership entitles them to become Accredited Celebrants, which requires them to continue their development with us and to be mentored and guided by us.

Will you have in-person training and events?

Yes! It’s our plan to have in-person celebrant training around Europe, but due to the restrictions with Covid-19, we will be waiting until the time is right to launch this side of our training. And along with members of our Members HQ we look forward to when we can hold our in-person workshops, celebrant events and celebrant retreat again!

Does it matter where I'm based in the world?

Our online celebrant training can be studied by anyone, regardless of where they are in the world. Our course teaches the practice of being a celebrant and the art of ceremony, which are universal skills that can be taught to any individual who wishes to learn how to be a celebrant or who is already working as a celebrant or officiant and would love to improve their practice and know-how. We 've had trainees from France, Spain, the UK and the USA. As long as you have time, computer and internet, we'll be able to share our knowledge and wisdoms with you.


Want to get a feel for whether being a celebrant is for you or not? The fact that you're here means it probably is! Sign up for our FREE 13 page e-guide 'So You Want To Be A Celebrant?' and find out EVERYTHING you need to know about being a celebrant, including our useful checklist and self-survey too! 

If you're excited now, you'll be even more excited once you've read it!