October 11

What’s stopping you from becoming a celebrant?


Does this sound like you when it comes to becoming a celebrant? 

You know you want to be a celebrant. You’re excited by the idea of a fresh start and a new career. You want to have a job that’s meaningful and massively rewarding and to be able to be your own boss and to work more flexibly.

Yet with all the excitement and the strong gut feeling that’s telling you that this is what you want to do, you’ve still not taken the big leap. What’s holding you back from signing up for celebrant training? What’s stopping you from becoming a celebrant?

Is it time?

Maybe for you the only thing stopping you from starting your celebrant training and taking the first steps in your celebrant career is a lack of time. Maybe you’ve got a full time job, and/or a busy family life, which make you feel like it would be impossible to squeeze anything else in. That you’ve barely got time for life, let alone a course! We hear you. And this is one of the reasons why we’ve designed our course in the way that we have, so that you can study online when you can. This flexible way of learning means you start and finish the course when you can, and fit your studies in around your work and life commitments. Our current trainees are a mixture of full time workers, busy parents, or people with full-on lives! But they’ve been able to take the course at their own pace and assimilate all their learning without rushing or getting stressed. And we’re there on the sidelines, encouraging them along the way, which really helps too.

Is it money?

We hear you! Maybe for you, the desire is there but the funds perhaps aren’t quite there yet. Or maybe the thought of spending so much money on a training course fills you with fear or makes you worry and doubt whether you’re making the right decision. If this is you, we encourage you to look at what you’ll spend on celebrant training as an investment, not a cost. Yes we get that it is an actual cost but the point we’re making is, it’s more than that. It’s an investment in your future. It’s setting you up for the next stage in your life. It’s opening a new door and a new chapter. It’s an investment in a new set of skills and the start of being your own boss. Because we understand that it is a big initial cost, we’ve created a payment plan for our trainees who want to spread out the costs and make their investment on a monthly basis. 

Is it confidence? 

Maybe your mind keeps fooling you into thinking that you can’t be a celebrant, everytime you convince yourself you can. Maybe you’re telling yourself, ‘who am I to think I can be a celebrant?’ Well, if that is the case, don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal to suffer from a lack of confidence now and again and also to doubt whether you’re doing the right thing or not! Many of our trainees have commented on how much our application process helped them to confirm that they were doing the right thing. That the questions helped them to get everything clear in their minds. Plus, our course itself is great for building up you celebrant confidence. Our twice-weekly group tutorials and supportive community in our Facebook training group are great for confidence boosting, as well as wonderful meeting points for all trainees, whatever stage of their training they’re at.

Is it the job prospects?

Maybe you’re holding back a bit because you’re worried about your future job prospects as a celebrant. Maybe you’re concerned about the current pandemic and the limitations and restrictions on weddings and funerals (our main but not only offerings) and it’s making you think that your job prospects will be non-existent. We understand how you feel but don’t forget that life is still happening. Funerals still need to go ahead, and they are! Couples still want to get married and are using celebrants. Life events still need to be acknowledged. Couples are planning their weddings for this year, the next and the next and booking their wedding suppliers too. And one day, although it might not feel like it now, this pandemic will be beyond us. So it can make good business sense to be in place and open and ready for business for when everything really kickstarts again.

We know what’s it like to be on the threshold of taking a big leap in life. It’s scary, exhilarating, exciting and nerve-wracking but you won’t ever know what that career path holds for you, until you take those first steps. If not now, when?

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Photo by Salvador Blanco, Evergreen Malaga


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