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How much does celebrant training cost?


When you start out doing your research on celebrant training and everything related to becoming a celebrant, one of the first things you will want to know is the cost of training to become a celebrant.

Whilst this blog post is going to be super helpful to you, one thing it isn’t going to tell you is how much celebrant training costs! We’re not even going to put a guideline because the prices vary from organisation to organisation, from country to country. But what we are going to show you is why celebrant training costs what it does and how you should view that cost.

The real cost of celebrant training

Around the world, there are lots of celebrant training organisations and they all charge different and varying prices. The training they offer differs too, which is often reflected in their prices. Some courses are residential, others are not, some courses give you a wide number of additional benefits, and some don’t.

So the key thing to look at when it comes to looking at how much celebrant training costs, is to not just look at the price but what you get for the price. And the second key is to not just think of the price as a cost but as an investment. We’ll talk more about this later on in the post.

Cost vs value

When you come across a celebrant training organisation or course provider that you love love love the vibe and sound of, you will want to take the next step of signing up for their course. This will of course involve looking at the costs. But to look at the costs accurately so that you get a sense of something being worth it, you must also take into consideration the value that you’re getting for that cost.

What will you be getting for the price of the training? As an example, our wedding celebrant training course currently costs £1,100 and this means that each trainee will get the following:

  • A fresh, modern and friendly approach (not to be taken for granted!)
  • Thorough training on all aspects of being a celebrant, following your whole journey with a couple from their first enquiry to their first-anniversary card
  • Help and advice on running a business and marketing your services
  • Lifetime access to the online course, which includes all updates and improvements, so you will always have the most current information at your fingertips
  • Feel encouraged, empowered and inspired by successful, approachable celebrants who have been there, done that and can tell you real, on-the-ground stories about what it’s really like to work as a celebrant (and are experienced trainers)
  • Mindset work for confidence and resilience
  • Flexible learning – go at your own pace
  • Continual support throughout the learning process via our dedicated Facebook group, weekly Zoom training calls
  • Bonus training module on Baby-naming/Adoption ceremonies
  • Bonus training module on vow renewal ceremonies
  • Graduation into our Celebrants Collective Membership HQ – a veritable goldmine of learning resources, friendly support and continuing professional development for celebrants, continuing to support you in your working journey (your first year’s membership is included with your training). Read more about The Celebrants Collective.
  • Directory listing into our members’ directory
  • Ongoing support and mentorship in our members’ Facebook group
  • Celebrants Collective training certificate and online badge

We may indeed be biased but we think this is great value for money for a wedding celebrant training course. And this leads us to our next point of considering how you decide that something is value for money.

An investment, not a cost

If you ever gasped at the cost of celebrant training or thought that it sounded too expensive, try to remember this. Celebrant training provides an investment for your future. You’re not just buying a place on a celebrant training course, you’re investing in professional career development which will allow you to make some big and exciting changes to your life. Once you’re set up and working successfully as a celebrant, you will have likely made the initial investment back countless times over.

And not just in a financial sense either, but also because of all of the benefits that you will have gained from your wonderful career change. A sense of freedom. Working for yourself and being your own boss. Working with amazing couples and families. Doing meaningful and rewarding work. Years down the line you will appreciate having taken this step and will know that you made the right decision to invest in your future.

So remember this when you’re choosing who to train with as a celebrant, value for money is as important as the cost of the course and the cost of the course is not just a cost, it’s an investment.

Happy training! And of course, if you’d love to find out more about our training courses, read more here.


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