We absolutely understand if despite being accepted to start our course, you can’t or don't want to actually get started now.

We know what it can be like. Life can sometimes get in the way of our dreams and we have to put things on hold for whenever we’re next ready.

Or maybe you’ve had a change of heart, or found another course that feels more you. 

Whatever your reason for not taking the course further (for now or not at all), we totally understand.

As you have been pre-approved for our course, if you do still want to train with us but it’s a case of bad timing or lacking finances that’s stopping you from going further right now, then you can come straight back to this point anytime within the next six months, and pick up where you left off! How does that sound? Hopefully it sounds as good to you as it does to us.

If delaying the course is down to bad timing don't forget that our course is one that you take at your own leisure, at your own pace, so maybe you might have the time for it that you didn't realise you'd have! And if it's down to finances, perhaps our three monthly payment plan might help?

On the other hand, if this is an absolute farewell, then thanks again for considering us and we wish you well for the future, whether that's as a celebrant or not.

And if you could just do us one last favour of completing the short form below, it will help us to understand what's in store for you from here. Or you can email us directly if you prefer.

Thank you!

What's next for you?

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