We are so excited that you are here and reading this, because this can only mean one thing - you want to apply for our online funeral celebrant course and come and train with us. We hope that's the case!

This application process has been designed by us to allow us to get a really good feel for who you are as a person and why you want to be a funeral celebrant. It’s so important to us that the people we train share our ethos, values, passion, joie de vivre and enthusiasm for life. People who will go on to be amazing celebrants who serve their community wonderfully and compassionately and who are amazing ambassadors for the celebrant industry.  

You will find that our application form is very thorough. We ask a lot of varied questions about you and why you want to be a funeral celebrant and we also ask for you to submit a short video and photo of yourself.

We cannot wait to learn more about you and fingers crossed, to be the ones who get to bring your celebrant dreams alive and show you all that we know about the subtleties and complexities of the bereavement landscape.

So are you ready? Of course you are!

Please add your name and email address in the form below and our application form will be sent to you straight away, ready for you to start completing. Please contact us here hello@celebrantscollective.eu if you don't receive your form with a few hours and we'll send it to you directly.

And just so you know, filling in this form does not mean that you're obliged to take a place on our funeral course. It just means that should you decide to train with us (yay!) then you'll already be pre-approved and able to start when you're ready. 

Looking forward to learning more about you.