Applying for our bursary

We're really pleased that you're here and we're excited by the fact that you are interested in our bursary and undertaking Celebrants Collective Celebrant Training.

As celebrant trainers, we have a lot to give to our trainees. We are hugely experienced celebrants and celebrant educators, and we're passionate about the industry that we work in. We're committed to diversity and inclusion and we have huge hearts! We love sharing our knowledge and experiences with the people most aligned with us and the core values of the Celebrants Collective.

We've designed this application process to help us achieve this. We want to make sure that the recipients of our bursaries are not only suitable candidates but are also people who will go on to be excellent wedding and/or funeral celebrants.

If you are a brown or black person and you feel that financially you have the means to pay for our training, and it would not detrimentally impact you to do so, then we’d encourage you to apply for our course through our ordinary channels here. This means allowing a place to be given to someone, who, without this bursary, would not be able to undertake celebrant training. If you would like to recap or review the details of our bursary, please visit our bursary page here

What to expect

It's a pretty meaty application form. We ask a lot of  questions about you, about why you would like to receive our bursary and why you want to be a celebrant. We also ask for you to submit a short video and photo of yourself. We do all of this because we want to make sure that only those who are serious and passionate about becoming a celebrant apply.

We cannot wait to learn more about you and fingers crossed, to be the ones who get to bring your celebrant dreams alive! Once we've received your completed application form, we hope to get back to you within 3-7 days.

So are you ready? Of course you are!

Just pop your name and email address in the form below and our application form will be sent to you straight away. So get those thinking caps on and your answers ready! If you do not receive this form in 24 hours, please email us here.