March 30

Quiz: Should I become a marriage celebrant?


If you're here reading this text it’s because you are excited by the prospect of becoming a marriage celebrant. Yay! Of leading joyous wedding ceremonies for wonderful couples and contributing to one of the best days of people’s lives.

You’ve probably been doing some research about marriage celebrants, everything from what wedding celebrants do, to how they do it, not to mention how you actually become a marriage celebrant.

Perhaps you’re now starting to think about the skills needed to be a marriage celebrant. Maybe you’ve had friends or family members tell you that you’d make a good celebrant. Or you’ve been to a celebrant-led wedding and could really see yourself doing the same thing.

We’ve created this wedding celebrant quiz to help you get an idea of whether you have what it takes to be a good marriage celebrant. You’ll be able to see if you’ve got the necessary skills to be a wedding celebrant and if your personality lends itself to this amazing role.

This quiz will also help you decide if being a marriage celebrant is the career path for you, and to judge whether you have a future working in the wedding industry and creating amazing ceremonies for couples as a marriage celebrant. Before taking our quiz, if you want to hear from someone who had just recently trained as a wedding celebrant to give you some firsthand insights into what it's really like training to be a marriage celebrant and the different skills for the job.

Answer the questions as honestly as possible and find out your results at the end. Enjoy our marriage celebrant quiz and good luck!

Please note: * The answers of this quiz are not collected anywhere on this site. This quiz is provided for informative and entertainment uses only. They are not clinically administered and as such the results are not suitable for basing important decisions on. These tests are also not definitive, they are merely based on our own professional opinions and experiences.  The results serve only as an indication but should not be taken as a true reflection of your personality or work practices, if you choose not to.

Main photo image by Pedro Bellido Photography.


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