Spotlight interview with Celebrants Collective Certified Wedding Celebrant Tash Minto

Hampshire-based, South African born certified wedding celebrant, Tash Minto has hit the ground running since becoming certified in February 2021. She already has been booked for a wedding and vow renewal ceremony and has more client meetings lined up!

With her new business Nova Verde Celebrations all set up and ready, Tash is excited for her future as a wedding celebrant and cannot wait to get stuck in! Read more about her wedding celebrant journey below.

What did you do before becoming a celebrant or in addition to being a celebrant now?

I used to be a Journalist but current work as a Social Media Manager for a small start up.

What experiences or past skills do you think helped you with being a celebrant?

I have been on stage in one way from a very early age. I started hosting events at school and sport at the age of 15 and have spoken at several events and weddings in various capacities. Alongside my journalistic sleuthing, I think I am able to develop deep and meaningful relationships quite quickly.

What made you want to train to become a celebrant?

A lot like Joey from the series Friends, this was very much just something I was going to do to be able to marry two very good friends of mine. Since starting the course I discovered that my skills and experience make for a good celebrant combo and that planted the seed which is slowly become a passion. 

What did your friends and family think of your decision to become a celebrant?

"A what?" "celibate?" Half of them had no idea what a Celebrant was but after explaining they all came to the same conclusion... "You will be perfect for the job!"

Why did you choose to train with the Celebrants Collective?

I loved the way they spoke to me in terms of being overwhelmed by all the different options out there. They made it feel like something that would suit my personality and it did/does!

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Did you have any worries about being a celebrant which the course has helped you resolve?

It was mostly just the business side of things but the course gives you everything you need to get started and the resources and advice thereafter are fantastic.

What was your most favorite part of the course and why?

Probably the weekly tutorials. Getting to chat to other people in the same boat and learn about who and why they started has been great. Made some friends for life already!

How has your training with the Celebrants Collective helped you to become a confident celebrant?

Claire and Natasha have the experience of BEING working celebrants so they are teaching you from that point of view, so everything you learn is very much practical and relevant. The tips and tricks around presenting yourself and starting your business have been invaluable!

What’s been your biggest takeaway so far about training to be a celebrant?

Being true to yourself. There are no rules, or right or wrong when it comes to being you and that's the thing you can do best.

What kind of celebrant do you think you’re shaping up to be?

A fantastic one! Haha. I like to think I am modern and fun and appeal to people who are not scared to take chances and be different. My whole modus-operandi is based around growth and new beginnings as they are two subjects I know first hand very well. Anyone considering me as a celebrant will feel strongly about these things too. 

How have you been making a name for yourself since you became certified or in the process of getting certified?

I have hit the ground running by writing and submitting a few blog pieces on why I decided to become a celebrant and a bit about my back story. I was part of an IGTV live interview with another wedding supplier (Hopefully a few more of these in the pipeline). I have been booked for a wedding and vow renewal and I have had 3 other meetings with potential wedding clients so far.

What would be your advice to someone looking to train to be a wedding or funeral celebrant?

Go for it! There is nothing to lose. Even if you never went any further, the skills you learn here and the community you join will not only be useful in other parts of your life but will be totally worth it!

Photo by Lex Fleming Photograpy

Isn't Tash's awesome? Yep, we think so too!

You can find Tash here.

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