October 23

Why do your celebrant training online? Here are 5 reasons…


We get it. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re looking at celebrant training. One of the things that we know can be particularly tricky is deciding between face-to-face and online celebrant training. 

Of course, face-to-face training is great but it does bring with it complications of geography, travel, accommodation, cost and timing. 

We’ve designed our online celebrant training courses to bring you lots of the benefits of face-to-face training combined with all the convenience of doing it online. 

So why should you consider doing your celebrant training online? Well, here are 5 good reasons to start with…

Connection with others

We know that some people worry that online celebrant training might feel lonely and lacking in the connection you would feel in a physical space. We’ve designed our courses to give you plenty of opportunity to engage with your fellow trainees through our twice-weekly Zoom tutorials, our lively Facebook groups and the discussion tabs within the courses themselves. And you will be able to connect with other celebrants-in-training from all over the world – not just the ones who live closest to where the course is happening. 

You’ll also be able to connect with Natasha and I on a regular basis through these channels, meaning that if you have a burning question, help and support is always close at hand!


One of the best reasons to do your celebrant training online is the flexibility it gives you over your learning. You don’t need accommodation, you don’t need to travel and you can fit your training around other work or life commitments. 

Our Celebrants Collective Training Courses are structured in a way that means you have bags of flexibility. You can start at any time you can choose the pace at which you learn. If you want to set aside a week or so to deep dive into the course, that’s great, or you can spread it out over a few months if you only have one evening a week, for example. It’s completely up to you and there’s no pressure. We encourage you to set your own goals and we help you to stick to them too, with our accountability threads and weekly progress emails.

Content to suit your learning style

How do you learn best? Some people like to read, some prefer audio content, some video… In our courses, all the lessons include a video, text and audio, so you can choose to learn in your preferred style. But of course it’s not just a case of ‘taking it all it’ – there’s a good deal of ‘doing’ too. Most of the lessons include extension tasks which give you things to find out, think about or create, and you can compare notes with and get further inspiration from your fellow trainees in the Facebook Group or on the group tutorials. 

Assignments and feedback

As well as the extension tasks, our courses include three assignments you will need to complete to a satisfactory level in order to be certified as a Celebrants Collective Celebrant. But don’t worry – we’re not asking for you to write a dissertation! These assignments give you the opportunity to put your new-found skills (plus your existing experience) together and to start to create ceremonies without the pressure of conducting your first real-life ceremony. 

Again, the beauty of doing your celebrant training online is that you don’t have to cram this assignment into one night after a whole day of learning – you can let your creativity get to work at its own pace.

We’ll give you feedback on what you did really well as well as give you suggestions about how to make it even better in the future, so when you do meet up with people in real life, you’ll feel confident in your ceremony-creating abilities.

Access to the material

There’s a lot to take in when you’re training to become a celebrant and it wouldn’t be realistic to expect you to remember every detail! There will inevitably be moments when you want to refer back to your training, even years after you completed it.

You get lifetime access to our courses, meaning that for as long as the courses running (this will be a looooong time!) you will be able to benefit from all its content. And you’ll be able to see any additions or updates too, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to come and join us, we’d be excited to welcome you onboard. You can read about our wedding training here and our funeral training here, as well as sign up and get started from as early as today!


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