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Why our wedding celebrant training course is a modern course for real people


Having worked in the wedding celebrant training industry for a number of years, Claire worked previously as a trainer for a UK training group, and I trained people privately, we soon realised that as much as people love to learn, everyone learns differently.

Not everyone benefits from undertaking an intensive celebrant training course and some people need more time to assimilate what they learn than others. We're also of the belief that learning to be a celebrant is actually a lifelong practice and so for us it felt more natural to offer wedding celebrant training which students could undertake at their own pace, which could be rolled out with time to fit the pace of each student's life.

This is why we don’t run our courses in cohorts, with training lasting anywhere between 2-5 days. We find that intensive training is, intensive. And whilst some might thrive on the intensity, we’ve taken a gentler approach, which allows you to really digest and take onboard what you’re learning. Our wedding celebrant training gives you the opportunity to breathe and absorb your training and everything that you learn.

Flexible training

Our wedding celebrant training course is quite unique in the way it works. All of our modules and lessons are live on our online course platform for our trainees to study and make their way through as they wish, at their own pace.

The modules comprise of a combination of video, audio and pdfs to suit all learning styles and to enable you to flip through the written material in bed or listen to an audio whilst driving, for example. We understand that learning takes many different forms, and we love giving our students that flexibility.

Along with your personal online studies, every week, twice a week we come together online for two-hour group discussions where trainees can ask questions and we can chat through subjects more deeply. We ask our trainees to attend a minimum of three sessions during the duration of their study, but of course there’s no maximum limit!

You’ll find all your course assignments and tasks in the course platform too!

Real wedding celebrant training for the real world

This flexibility means that you can make the course work for you in the way that you need it to, whether that means taking a few weeks, a few months or the best part of a year to complete it. Whether you study intensively or fit your studies in around your job.

We also have a really active Facebook group for our trainees, which is not only a great meeting spot for all trainees to come together but provides lots of support for students too. We love and encourage students to ask questions, seek advice and get all their doubts resolved in this incredibly friendly training environment.

Here are some other great reasons for why you might want to train with us.

We're often asked how long our wedding training course takes, which is a perfectly natural question. In theory, the course can take to complete as long as you'd like it to. But you could, if you studied every day, complete the online component of the course in seven to ten days. You would also need to finish all the necessary tasks and assignments and attend a minimum of three, two-hour group tutorials to complete all of the wedding celebrant course training.

The great thing is that even after you've finished the course, because you have your own personal account, you can log back in at any time to have a refresh or recap of something that you may have forgotten.

All in all, our wedding celebrant training course is modern, fun, flexible and thorough, giving our trainees a range of learning methods and tools, and lots of support and motivation, too.

If you're ready to come and join us, we'd be excited to welcome you onboard. You can read about our wedding training here, as well as sign up and get started from as early as today!

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