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Five ace reasons to choose the Celebrants Collective for your wedding celebrant training


We know that when it comes to choosing who you do your wedding celebrant training with, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s a huge leap of faith, right? There are lots of different celebrant training organisations out there and the last thing you want is to pick one and then later down the line feel like you should have picked another.

It’s not an easy decision because, at the end of the day, we all do the same thing, which is to enable you to start a new career as a celebrant. The fact is, however, much like with couples choosing a wedding celebrant, the ‘best’ is always going to be down to what resonates most with you and ticks YOUR boxes. It’s not about who says they’re the best, it’s about who you feel is the best for you.

So to give you a helping hand with your decision-making, we’ve outlined five reasons that we think make us a bit different and which make us stand out.

Our five reasons for doing your celebrant training with us

1. We don’t tell you how to be a celebrant, we show you how to be a celebrant

The best and happiest celebrants are those who are 100% themselves. Celebrants who work within a framework but who have designed their working practices to be a reflection of themselves, their needs and wishes and above all, their personality. We’ve designed our course to give you the space to do this. We don’t tell you what you should do, we show you what you can do, so that when you finish your course, you’re not only confident in your abilities but you’re confident that you are putting yourself out there, as yourself, which you’ll soon come to realize is hugely important.

2. We’re a modern, inclusive and diverse training provider

Claire and Natasha are both working celebrants with our ears to the ground. We know what’s going on in the wedding and celebrant industry and we use our on-the-ground knowledge to shape our course and to help our celebrants to grow and develop within a modern framework. We train our celebrants for the real world and we teach our celebrants using real language to reflect the inclusive and diverse world that we live in and what that means for you as a celebrant. And we truly embrace the world for what it is and this is infused throughout our teachings.

3. Our training is thorough, flexible and fun!

One noticeable difference with our course is that we don’t run our courses in cohorts, with training lasting anywhere between 2-5 days. We find that intensive training is, well, intensive. And whilst some might thrive on the intensity, we’ve taken a more gentle approach, which allows you to really assimilate what you’re learning.

The online component of our course means that you can study at your leisure and dictate how much study you want to do each week. You get access to your own private student account where the online course lives and you can study the course as you wish, whether that means taking 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months! Along with our twice-weekly group tutorials, for live support and discussion and our trainees’ Facebook group, you will have all the support you need as you learn how to become a celebrant.

Our course is also delivered in many different ways from videos, audio lessons, pdfs and ebooks, so you can listen to some lessons on the train or in the car, and read some of the pdfs on your Kindle or e-reader. We understand that learning takes many different forms and we love giving our students that flexibility.

4. We’re experienced trainers and sought-after celebrant experts

What you see is what you get with us! We are the face of our training and we’re our actual trainers too! We don’t have a team of individuals who train you, it’s just us, live and direct! We’re also hugely experienced wedding educators and trainers, too. Claire spent a couple of years training for another reputable UK training group, as well as having private students. And Natasha has trained celebrant students privately for years.

We both also have a mountain of celebrant experience behind us, that we’ve built up over the years. We’re also sought-after speakers and celebrant experts, too. Claire is often on the radio speaking about all things celebrancy. Just recently she was on BBC Radio 4’s The Today programme talking about the role of a celebrant. And in 2018, Claire was the first celebrant to lead ITV This Morning’s wedding of the year. Our Claire delivered an awesome ceremony for her couple live on TV at The Royal Albert Hall, London. She even had The Kingdom Choir (Harry and Megan’s gospel choir from their wedding) for musical accompaniment! Amazing, right? You can watch it here.

Natasha hosts the popular Celebrant Survival Podcast and is also regularly asked to be a guest on other big wedding industry podcasts. She speaks at wedding industry events and online summits. And for the last few years has been one of the judges for the Celebrant of the Year category, of the prestigious UK Wedding Industry Awards. She’s also a regular contributor to the international The Celebrant magazine.

5. You don’t just do a course with us, you start a journey with us

When it comes to being a celebrant, we don’t just train you, we support you throughout your whole career. We are firm believers that as celebrants we never stop learning. We’re well aware that your celebrant education does not stop once you become a celebrant.

So once you have finished your training with us, you then graduate to our Celebrants Collective Members HQ. You’ll continue your development as a celebrant and we’ll be able to continue mentoring you as you develop. We hold optional monthly webinars and monthly group coaching calls. We also have a Resource Room, Learning Lounge and Course Corner full of resources for celebrant business growth and development. In the Members HQ, you’ll continue your journey as a certified and accredited member of the Celebrants Collective. You absolutely will not finish your training and then go, ‘Okay, what do I do now?’ We’ll have your back from day one.

Hopefully, the five reasons we’ve shared with you have got you even more excited. And fingers crossed, you can really see yourself being a Celebrants Collective Certified Celebrant. We flipping hope so!

If you’re ready to come and join us, we’d be excited to welcome you onboard. You can read about our wedding training here, as well as sign up and get started from as early as today!

And if you like to learn more about The Celebrants Collective, you can read about us here.


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