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How do I start training to become a celebrant?


Everything you need to know about celebrant training courses and taking your first steps

Being a celebrant is one of the best jobs in the world. Training to be a celebrant and being able to help couples and families celebrate and mark life’s major milestones and events is a very special role to have. And let’s face it, being surrounded by love in all its forms, and all its versions within the circle of life is a privilege.

The fact that you’re reading this post means that you’ve already got a fair idea of what a satisfying and rewarding career path it is and you want to know more about getting on to this path! Well, you’re in the right place!

We understand what it’s like to be at a crossroads in your life where you know you want to change direction with your career or add another bow to your string. Maybe you have a full-time job already and you’re looking for something fulfilling as a part-time vocation, or maybe you want to be a full-time celebrant. There are so many reasons why people are drawn to being a celebrant, with each one being as valid as the other.

So how do you get started?

Depending on where you are in the world will determine what you need to do to become a celebrant. In some countries, you have to be trained by an official body to become a celebrant, especially when it comes to weddings. 

This however is usually only the case where you are a celebrant who carries out legal marriage registrations. Your country or region might require you to carry out official training through an accredited organization, like in Australia or New Zealand, for example. But it does vary from country to country.

Even if you’re in a country where celebrant training isn’t a requirement, training is something that we still wholeheartedly encourage you to do. Whilst nothing is stopping you from setting up shop and calling yourself a celebrant, and you probably have some great skills in place already, training is going to be the glue which brings it all together and sets you up for the best start with your new career. 

Choosing your celebrant training organization or course

Picking your celebrant training course is a bit like when you’re trying to pick a restaurant to eat in, on a night out. You take a look through the window to see what the restaurant’s like. You look at the interior, get a feel for the vibe, check out the staff and look to see how happy the diners seem. And you give the menu a good once over to make sure that it’s got everything that you need and want. You do all that you can to make sure that the restaurant ticks all the boxes and has the right vibe that you’re after. 

Well, choosing your celebrant training organization isn’t very different to this! Just with a bit more time, diligence and of course, money spent on it!

The most important advice that we can give you is to take note of how you feel. How do you feel when you click on a celebrant training organisation website? How do you feel when you read about them? How do you feel when you see what others say about them? How do they make you feel about training with them? For us, it’s all about the vibe and your gut feeling.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself:

Does this organisation or trainer represent what you want as a celebrant?

Can you see yourself being one of their celebrant trainees?

Do you like their course structure and their student support?

Do they excite you and make you want to become a celebrant right at this minute?

Would you be proud to say that you’re a celebrant trained by their organisation?

Do you feel a strong connection with them and what they represent?

Celebrant Training with The Celebrants Collective

Here at the Celebrants Collective, we like to think that we have a different approach when it comes to celebrant training and celebrant courses. First all of, we’re not crazy about the word training but to be honest there’s not really a better word for it. We don’t see ourselves as training you to become a celebrant, we see ourselves as helping you to take the skills that you already have, along with learning some new ones and giving you a framework to become the celebrant that YOU want to be. The celebrant who is aligned with their own values and also very good at what they do!

We’re not here to mould you into a standard definition of what a celebrant is, we’re here to give you the tools to make you into the celebrant that you are. 

Our courses are modern, flexible, fun and forward-thinking. And as your trainers, both Claire and Natasha have have almost 20 years experience of being wedding and funeral celebrants. And once you’re training has finished we carry on supporting from the early days of your career, right through to your development and establishment as a celebrant.  Find out more about our celebrant training courses, here.

Being a celebrant is awesome and training to become one is just the start of an amazing journey. Good luck with your next steps and we hope to be a part of your new career.


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